Dariel Dukes Gagging On Cock

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Darial Dukes is a pretty little thing and built for this type of scene and what’s more important she doesn’t know when to stop. She stripped off ready and spread her ass before they started with her mouth where she began by sucking softly. That wasn’t good enough so they grabbed her head and forced cock down her neck.

With minutes she was gagging on cock but didn’t move away. With the cock down her throat she had her mouth open enough to let the puke out but continued to swallow. This was one well trained ghetto gagger. She even went on top and impaled herself gagging on cock the whole time, it was like a fountain coming from her.

She was bent over then to have her pussy fucked as he slapped her face then later bent over a chair for some more while his finger in her mouth kept her from complaining to much. She was sat down to take cum to her face before he emptied the dogs bowl full of puke on her making her run for the shower. You can see Dariel choking on cock at Ghetto Gaggers.

Denverr Takes A Debut Face Fuck

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This black ghetto whore does spell her name this way, probably thinks it cooler or something. She was happy to do this scene even though she knew what it included and was stripped almost before being asked. They could even see how wet she was but being a confessed submissive slut that was no surprise.

They had her spread her body to show them what she had before starting her slow by letting her suck balls. When they tried to force cock down her throat she had a few seconds of trouble but was soon into it and managed to take it balls deep quite well.

She puked a bit, especially when upside down and forced to impale herself but she carried on until they decided she could do with having her pussy fucked. She moaned a bit but again managed well eventually taking it all before they sat her down to be covered in cum. She was happy to use her fingers to lap it up. You can see her face fucking at Ghetto Gaggers.

Beautii Bey Takes A Face Fucking

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Beautii Bey had the honour of doing the final scene from Mr Drummond, he unfortunately died in a car crash after this but the guys at Ghetto Gaggers decided it best to show it. Beautii stripped off on the couch and started by sucking cock and before long managed to swallow cock balls deep without any problems.

She sucked balls well and even when she had cock past her tonsils and was gagging on cock she didn’t know. She led on her back with cock down her neck and a mouth full of puke without complaint. Showing that she could manage that left the guys with only one other thing that could make her suffer.

They shoved cock in her ass and again no reaction so they put another cock in her pussy. She rode the two cocks showing no problems with being double penetrated with two huge cocks, in fact she seemed to enjoy it. She sat down for a face full of cum then they covered her with flour. You can watch Mr D’s last scene over at Ghetto Gaggers.

Felina Thrust Gets Her Throat Destroyed

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This is Felina Thrusts first ever porno so the guys went to town on her. All three wanted in on the action so she was quickly stripped and held by her hair as the first cock went past her tonsils and held there. She tried pulling away but a face slap later she had cock down her throat again.

Once the cock was all the way in she was face fucked at full speed. She was put on her back on the couch then and made to swallow until she had balls on her nose. She was stopped from turning away even as the puke filled her mouth and he kept on pumping her throat.

She was made to impale herself on his cock then before being ass fucked while having her pussy spanked. Next she took a double penetration making her scream then she was made to sit in the middle of the room as they all left their cum on her face. They threw flour on her before dumping her bowl of sick on her face with her mouth wide open. You can see Felina struggle with the most extreme deepthroat session at Ghetto Gaggers.

Black Ghetto Slut Reniva Face Fucked

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Stunning Reniva came into this scene wearing a black bikini probably thinking the guys would get so hard so fast that they’d spend less time fucking her face, she was wrong. It got them hard alright and that just meant more cock to swallow. They forced cock down her neck till she was puking everywhere.

They tried hard to get two cocks in her mouth but couldn’t quite manage it so they went back to fucking her face till she puked again, this they wiped up with her bikini. They held her still as she swallowed cock down to the base and when they laid her back to fuck her throat she had so much dribble running up her face it looked like he’d already come.

They spread her ass before inserting a giant dildo and making her sit down impaling herself. This left her ass open wide for their cocks as she took it from behind on all fours. They sat her down and left so much cum on her face she could have been mistaken for a white girl. You can see Reniva gag on cock at Ghetto Gaggers.

Sharon Gets To Gag On Cock For Money

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When Sharon arrived she left her boyfriend outside in the car telling him it was a lingerie shoot she was doing. Apparently they needed cash for rent and food and she knew he would never understand her doing this scene. She was quick to strip off though and was happy to play with herself so we figured her for a ghetto whore.

They went in fast shoving cock in her mouth and getting her to suck balls before the face fucking started hard. Cock was shoved down her neck and when she kept backing away her head was held and she was throat fucked till she was choking on cock. Next her head was forced down as she impaled herself till she had juices flying from her mouth and nose.

She was made to ride their cocks next, taking it all as she pulled a face of pain. The face fucking started up again and this time she threw up so much they had to leave it. They sat her down and left two loads of cum on her face. You can see Sharon at Ghetto Gaggers along with other throat gaggers.

Adina Jewel Forced To Gag On Cock

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Adina Jewel agreed to this scene without realising how hard it could be. She is a black ghetto whore that thought she had seen everything until this and she went away at the end knowing that nothing would ever be this bad again. She strutted in and stripped off obviously thinking the guys would be impressed as she flashed her pussy but they weren’t.

They set her to work straight away as they shoved cock in her mouth. She sucked gently then her head was grabbed and cock got forced down her neck. She started choking on cock and throwing up her luch but her head was held still and they even tried to force a second one down as well. When she refused any more her mouth was forced open so she could be face fucked at full speed.

After puking more food they gave her a break and fucked her ass for a while which wasn’t the same but she had become a lot less vocal and more humble. She let them fuck her pussy and ass without a word and rode them quietly. She even sat still as they took turns blowing their loads over her and leaving her covered in cum before putting a bag on her head and leaving. You can see Adina eat humble pie and swallow cock at Ghetto Gaggers.

Two Women Gagging On Cock Together

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Amelia And Ananis agreed to do this scene together so they paired them off against Big Red and Bootleg. Red started off with Amelia, the 18 year old newbie and soon had his cock down her neck while Bootleg had fun with Ananis, the 24 year old experienced cock sucker.

They had the girls back to back being throat fucked, hands on the back of their heads to keep them still before Red flipped Amelia upside down and dropped her on his cock giving her no control. She was soon puking after gagging on cock so deep while Ananis pukes from a standard throat fucking.

Amelia is fucked with a double dildo before both girls get fucked by the guys. This is done in different positions giving the girls a chance to play with each other as well. They both sat down to take cum on their face when Amelia said something that upset Ananis and she threw the bowl of sick in her face. You can see these two ladies throat fucked at Ghetto Gaggers.

Eboni Ice Takes The Ultimate Face Fuck

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After hearing how well her sister Jalisa did in her shoot Eboni decided to have a try and show her little sister how it’s done. She started off well too, they usually let the girl warm up with a blowjob but without asking she went balls deep and held her head there as if she was taking a nap.

Bootleg prefers to see them gagging on cock but she never made that easy. He fucked her throat nonstop, only letting her up for air and she took it so they led her back to get deeper although she was already taking his full length. Led on her back with her head hanging down he fucked her face hard and fast.

She went on top and impaled her face on his cock then was ordered to close her lips around it and swallow. He fucked her pussy while she led on her back and when she was on all fours while trying every dirty trick he knew to make her puke. After that she was on her knees and made to keep her eyes open as he left cum dripping on her face. You can see Eboni choking on cock at Ghetto Gaggers.

18 Year Old Angel Face Fucked To Tears

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Angel is a young 18 year old stunner who went to Ghetto Gaggers looking for her limits. She was stripped off to show her tight body and made to kneel down. Her head was held as Big Rad shoved his cock down her neck, further and further until she puked.

She was then held upside down and impaled, cock down her neck and coming up to puke only. Led on her back with her head hanging over the couch she is throat fucked some more until they get balls deep. They pound her throat till she pukes and then beyond.

She was bent over to have her ass fucked for the first time. Big Red made her take it all and take it fast until she was crying in pain. They kept going until they were ready to finish then sat her on the floor. The left her face covered in cum which seemed to upset her more than the ass fucking. You can see Angel throat fucked at Ghetto Gaggers.