Vanessa B In Her First Double Penetration Scene

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Vanessa had come to Ghetto Gaggers for a reason. She told them she wanted to be double penetrated and forced to swallow cock deeper than she ever had before. They made sure they could do what they wanted and agreed. She was made to suck cock, slowly at first then deeper and when she puked she almost gave up but the guys, good to their word held her head in one hand and chin in the other and face fucked her hard. She lay down, head hanging back to swallow cock till balls were on her nose then she took two cocks till she was screaming. They left her sat on the floor with a smile on her face covered in come. See Vanessas debut here at Ghettogaggers.

Ms. Platinum Choking On Cock From Forced Blowjob

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Ms Platinum is the ultimate black ghetto gagger, she loves nothing more than black rough sex but even she didn’t expect what came from this scene. The guys really went to work on her, stripping her off and smacking her face when she wasn’t obedient enough. She didn’t know which way the cocks were coming from, one minute being pussy fucked, the next cock choking when a cock went past her tonsils. When tears start running down her face they start fucking her face harder, holding her head and keeping her eyes open. The face fucking went on as she was laid on a sofa so they could face fuck her harder and deeper till she was ready for a faceful of cum. Ghetto Gaggers has this great scene and many more.

19 Year Old Brooklyn Carter Cock Gagging

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Brooklyn may only be 19 but she’s been around the scene long enough to know what’s coming from Ghetto Gaggers. She is made to strip, suck her own nipples and play with herself before the first cock is shoved down her neck. When she refuses to swallow enough she is face fucked hard and a hand on her head helps her to stay still. The throat fucking continues as she gags on cock but she does really well not to throw up. This black ghetto whore is made to swallow come straight from a cock before another load is put into a glass which she is made to swallow. See this black rough throat fuck at Ghettogaggers.

Cheerleader Andrea Face Fucked And Dribbling

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Andrea turned up in a cheerleaders outfit so the guys thought they’d give her something to cheer about. After stripping her naked she had her voicebox tuned with a cock down her throat. They were wondering what difference it would make fucking her face and were pleased to hear her voice deepen if only for a few minute. Hoping to get this effect for longer they took turns making her gag on cock and face fucking her faster and harder but her voice always returned pretty quickly so they went to work on her other holes, fucking her pussy. They sat her down for a face full of cum at the end knowing that her voice might be the same but her attitude would change. Ghetto Gaggers has this great scene here.

Aaliyah Cock Choking For The First Time

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Aaliyah is new to the scene and the guys love new talent to play with. They had her flash her beautiful tits which were amazing before they started in earnest. She was knelt down and forced cock down her neck so deep she was puking within seconds and held there.

She is made to lean back with hands on the ground giving her no control as he fucked her face. She is led down then with her head back and a double dildo forced down her throat so far she is puking even more. To give her a break she is made to ride cock hard, taking it all in her pussy.

She is led on her back then to be pussy fucked making her tits flap around. She is bent over the couch and fucked some more while having her ass spanked. Next she is made to kneel on the floor as they take turns nutting on her face. You can see Aaliyah throat fucked hard at Ghetto Gaggers.

Jayla Foxx Face Fucked Till She Pukes

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Jayla Foxx agreed to do this scene then spent most of her time on the phone. Eventually the guys took it off her and made her pay for making them wait. Bootleg and Big Red wait for no-one so they stripped her off and immediately shoved cock down her neck. There was no easing into it with a normal cock blowjob, her head was held and cock rammed down her throat till she was almost in tears. Her head and chin were both held next so the throat fuck pushed cock past her tonsils until she was a drooling mess then they both fucked her pussy as deep as she could take. She was made to bring her face down onto their cock for a final fuck face scene before being sat down and looking miserable as the come flowed down her face. Go to Ghetto Gaggers to see a trailer of this.

Big Tit Saraya Face Fucked

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Saraya is very pretty with lovely big tits so when she came to Ghetto Gaggers for her first scene the guys were more than welcoming. She warned them in advance she had a bad gag reflex and she wasn’t kidding. She was holding the bowl beneath her mouth and practically puking nonstop each time they went balls deep.

In all fairness to Saraya she never once asked to stop and didn’t even stop swallowing cock as she puked, she just kept going. They put her in the usual position on the couch, head hanging down to be throat fucked some more. The puke was running up her face and though her hair, she must have had a good few meals for coming in, she lost that much food.

They made her clean it up before bending her over to fuck her from behind while her huge tits flapped. She is sat down to take a couple of loads of cum over her face and in her hair to mix in with the puke. You can see Saraya choking on cock at Facial Abuse.

Big Tits Stacy Adams Hard Throat Fuck

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Stacy Adams has huge tits so when she applied for the Ghetto Gaggers scene the guys were only to happy to accept. They stripped her off, got her sucking balls then to suck cock. They tried to fuck her face but she kept backing away so they slapped her face, got her cock gagging again and when she backed away she had her tits slapped. It went back and fore like this till she finally gave in and they fucked her face as deep as they wanted. She had to ride them then, her massive tits bouncing high then coming down fast before she was sat down and left covered in cum. There are more throat fucking scenes at Ghetto Gaggers.

Venus Gives A Cock Choking Blowjob

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Venus is an absolute stunner from the ghetto with lovely big tits and is so obedient. Her only drawback is she is as stupid as they come but for this job it’s a blessing. Stupid usually equates to obedient and this was the case here. She stripped off for the guys who couldn’t believe their luck and sat there waiting for them.

They grabbed her head and held it as they slowly forced cock down her neck and held it there before moving into a fast face fuck. She is then turned upside down and face fucked until she is throwing up in the bowl. The cock choking blowjob took a turn for the worse then as he held it down her throat for so long tears ran down her face and she struggled that hard they both fell off the sofa.

As punishment they held her head down with their feet while spitting on her face then taking her from behind and fucking her pussy. They sat her down then to take 2 loads of cum on her face before being pelted with flour which mixed in with the cum to make her a sticky mess. Watch Venus taking a throat fuck at Ghetto Gaggers.

Porsha Star Cock Gagging Balls Deep

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Porsha Star came into this scene knowing she would take physical abuse but wasn’t ready for the mental abuse. They were laughing at her weight and then the physical stuff started. She was made to strip then kneel and while she was throat fucked with her head held still she took some tit torture from the other guy.

Her saggy tits were smacked then her nipples pinched but she coudln’t make a sound because the was gagging on cock. Things got worse then, she was made to lie back where she was throat fucked so hard puke came flying from her but they didn’t stop or even slow down, the fountain just drippd down the sides of her face.

She went on top next to see how much she could swallow and how far she could lower her head. When is wasn’t good enough she was bent over for an ass spanking then pussy fucked from behind. When they had enough of that they sat ehr down and left her face covered in cum. You can see Porsha become one of the abused throat gagers at Ghetto Gaggers.