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Cleopatra is a true ghetto whore who can’t get enough of sex. Within seconds of the shoot and without being asked she was stripping off and spreading her ass. She happily started sucking on cock but as they went to push deeper she started dodging. The guys stopped that easily and held her head still as they fucked her throat, pushing cock past her tonsils. It wasn’t long before she was puking her food up but that just left more room for more cock. They fucked her face a bit longer before fucking her pussy then sitting her down for a face full of cum. Go to Ghetto Gaggers for more face fucked women.

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Zanica is a lovely girl from Texas and almost too vanilla for this. Even from the chat beforehand the guys thought she’d never make it through the scene but she shocked them. On her knees naked with his hand behind her head she soon has cock down her throat even if she is puking around it.

When she starts pushing back he backs her to the sofa and holds her for a skull fucking. After that she is led on her back on the couch so he can fuck her face and each time she pushes him away he slaps her face. She soon learns to keep his cock past her tonsils. After fucking her face a bit more he moves onto the other holes.

On her back she is made to hold her legs spread even while screaming as he fucks her ass. After that she is told to ride his cock with orders that he has to hear her ass slap his legs so making sure she takes it all. She is bent over to be fucked from behind then led down again before they finally leave their cum all over her face. You can see Zanica become one of their throat gaggers at Ghetto Gaggers.

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For her first ever throat fuck scene Tasty chose Ghetto Gaggers who showed her just how hard these can be. She stripped and spread her ass to tease the guys and they decided to tease her back by shoving cock down her neck. She was moaning and crying but it was too late for all that, they held her head and made her swallow cock balls deep. Once there they face fucked her till snot was pouring from her nose then got her to impale herself face down so she was throat fucked at her own doing. She had to ride cock then, pussy fucked till they were ready to spread cum on her face. Ghetto Gaggers has many more women gagging on cock.

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Nadiaa came onto the guys from Ghetto Gaggers like they should be happy to have her there. That attitude didn’t last long, It took about a minute after stripping her to getting her cock choking. They shoved cock down her neck till she was gagging then face fucked her even harder. When she had spilled enough drool they lay her on her back and fucked her face till she had balls bouncing on her nose the turned her over and forced her head down, impaling her face on cock before fucking her pussy. She was sat down to get plastered in cum and left to dry. Ghetto Gaggers is the place to see this rough black throat gagger.

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Sweetie is one person that won’t be back in a hurry. She may look nice enough but when cock was forced down her neck instead of taking it she started biting. By the end of the scene Big Red had teeth marks on his cock which was actually bleeding. At the start though it went to plan, holding her head for a face fucking.

A hand on her head kept her still to be throat fucked till she puked then she was led on her back to take it balls deep down her neck. This was where she really started biting but Big Red got her back. He bent her over the couch and fucked her ass for her first ever anal, not just on film but ever.

She was screaming through that then made to ride cock. She took that well and rode him full length and full speed. After that she was made to go on her knees for them to spallter cum on her face then Big Red threw flour on her to make it hard to wipe off. You can see Sweetie choking on cock at Ghetto Gaggers.

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Brown Sugar claimed to have done extreme sex before and said she could handle anything so the guys decided to test her. After stripping her off they shoved cock in her mouth and she did quite well with a gentle throat fuck. Unfortunately for her gently never lasts here and pretty soon she was getting a very hard face fuck. After they had enough of filling her mouth with cock they moved on and filled her other holes. She is sat down to swallow sperm before getting her face covered in cum. Go to Ghetto Gaggers for the full scene.

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Bianca Moore is 26 years old and just starting her porn career. This is great for the guys because they know older women tend to be more willing to try new things and Bianca was no exception. She was smiling on her knees as the cock past her tonsils for the first time.

They face fucked her and had to hold her nose closed before she gagged on cock and left a load of puke in the bowl. To see how far she would go they made her drink it before lying on his back and forcing her head down till she was choking on cock again. He fucked her face hard until he’d had enough then started on her ass.

He fucked her ass hard and even had her ride his cock before shallow fisting her ass. He fucked her ass some more and then made her ride him while using a dildo in her pussy for some double penetration. She was made to sit then and keep her eyes open as they left cum on her face and in her eyes. You can see Bianca Moore cock choking at Ghetto Gaggers.

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Phoenixxx Phire wants to get into porn movies but has to start off somewhere so she agreed to this scene at Ghetto Gaggers. After seeing what a fat ass she had they couldn’t resist playing with it so they put boxing gloves on, had her bend over and beat the hell out of it. They had her on her knees then and rammed cock down her neck until she puked.

After puking they got the double dildo out to ram down her neck. Once she got the hang of that they face fucked her some more then came up with another new idea. The used a doubhe bag to fill her ass with water and had her hold it in as she was ass fucked from behind.

She was led on her back for some more ass fucking but squealed so much they bent her over the couch and gagged her before fucking her ass some more. She was made to crawl on all fours while still full of water before kneeling to take a faceful of cum. You can see Phoenix throat fucked at Ghetto Gaggers.

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Sinammon is just a glutton for punishment. She has had one scene which she had to quit early because all she did was complain so the guys agreed to do this scene as long as she agreed to finish it. On her knees and sucking on cock they soon have cock down her neck and within a few seconds she is puking down the length of it.

He led on the couch then and had her go down on his cock until it passed her tonsils and once again the puke came through like a fountain. When she broke the deal and refused to swallow cock any more he held her still and tipped the bowl over her head which had her in tears.

Because she wouldn’t swallow cock they bent her over and fucked her from behind though he had to put a peg on his nose to do it. After that she was made to ride his cock while having another sit on her face and make her lick his ass. When she refused to open her mouth for his cock they bent her over and fucked her ass before cumming on her face. To finish her off they dragged her back and fore over her own puke. You can see Sinnamon puking from cock gagging at Ghetto Gaggers.

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Sapphire was trouble from the start, she threw that much of a fit at being made to choke on cock they eventually tied her hands behind her back. Once they were out of the way they could do what they wanted to do. He held her head and forced cock down ther throat and once their fucked her face hard and fast.

With an hand holding her hair there was no escape but she complained like mad that he messed her hair up, considering what he was doing to her throat at the time you have to wonder what her priorites are. She seemed a lot happier bent over on all fours to be pussy fucked but started complaining again once he got his whole cock in her pussy.

They practically had to force her to finish the scene, fucking her pussy in a variety of ways before letting her get to the end of the shoot. They knew this would throw up problems because of how she was with her hair and they were right. Sat down his aim “accidentally” went wrong spewing cum over her hair, then she showed what a real hissy fit is. You can see Sapphire being face fucked at Ghetto Gaggers.